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Preserving Cucumbers to Make Dill Pickles

Posted by US Prepper Gear on

Very good video to show how easy it is to preserve cucumbers and make dill pickles. 

Something the video doesn't do that we recommend is to cut the ends of the cucumbers off for they contain enzyme which can cause your pickles to be soft.

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Picking Your Survival Group Correctly

Picking the right people for your Survival Group or Preparedness Group is critical for adding the wrong person to your group can lead to disaster.Preppers should look at their survival group much like a sales team. Everyone has their own best interest in mind but for most companies the professional salesmen realize that by working together each really does achieve [...]

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Nature’s Medicinal Plants

Nature’s Natural Antibiotics and Medical Herbs:Many people feel they need to run to the doctor to a prescription for antibiotics every time they get sick. Unfortunately, due to the overuse of antibiotics our bodies become resistant to them which means the infection they are meant to treat are no longer impacted by them.Nature has many natural remedies that [...]

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Old Frontier Recipes

OLD FRONTIER RECIPESMany old recipes were created around the necessity of making do with what was at hand, whether that be on the frontier, a wagon trail or the time of the early settlers.SODA BISCUITSTake 1lb flour, and mix it with enough milk to make a stiff dough;dissolve 1tsp carbonate of soda in a little milk;add [...]

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Mason Jars to Create Your Own Lunchable

Clever use of mason jars to create your own affordable Lunchables or Meals to Go. Want a larger lunch, use a larger mason jar.

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Prepping by Camping

Camping and prepping have many similarities and how we approach and prepare our camping gear is close to how we should prepare our survival gear.I’m sure you’ve gone camping and realized AFTER you got where you were going that you forgot something or a box of somethings! Imagine if you’re a prepper and realize AFTER TSHTF that you forgot a vital part [...]

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Snow Trench Shelter

Winter Survival Using a Snow Trench Shelter:

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List of Survival Books

Here is a list of Prepping and Survival books that can assist in preparing yourself for if SHTF. A few are fiction but are included in the list of survival resources for the author did a good job capturing the What If in case society collapses from any myriad of reasons. Survival Gear is important [...]

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Storing SPAM as Part of Your Food Preps

 Interesting Video on using SPAM as part of your Long Term Food Preps.

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Stocking Your Medical Kits

Building on Your IFAK First Aid Kit to Create a Comprehensive Medical KitEmergencies happen at the drop of a hat and sometimes we don't have time to do all the packing we need before evacuation time is up.That's why having your Individual First Aid Kit (or IFAK) ready to go and packed properly is the way to go. If [...]

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