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Does Bleach Go Bad?

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Does Bleach Go Bad

The short answer to the question if Bleach can go bad is YES, Bleach can and does go bad.

As with most products the shelf life of Bleach is affected by Temperature, direct Sunlight and Moisture. The active ingredient in liquid bleach is sodium hypochlorite which is a chemical that does breakdown to salt and water.

It is recommended to store bleach at approximately 70 degrees for optimal shelf life of 2 years. But if you are counting on Bleach to use as a disinfectant for potable (drinking) water, if it is over 1 year old Bleach loses some of it's effectiveness so you would want to double the amount of Bleach you add to your water.

Provided your Bleach is in its first year of life, the recommended dosage to disinfect your drinking water is 8 to 10 drops per gallon or 1 ounce per 50 gallons.

If you are buying Bleach, Clorox has a code to help you determine the shelf life or you can just use it to look at the Bleach you have in your home provided it is Clorox. An example of their code: Ex., M27259) on a Clorox bottle would mean: The first two characters (M2) identify the location it was manufactured. The third character (7) is the year the product was made or 2017. The fourth, fifth, and sixth characters stand for the day of the year the product was manufactured. For example, it would be the 259th day of the year or September 16th. You only need to use the first six digits to decipher the code and really don't need the first two at all unless you want to see where it was produced.

If you are using a Bleach by a different manufacturer than Clorox, look at the label or bottom of the container for a manufactured date, MOST imprint them, if the Bleach you're looking at doesn't have any indication of its date of manufacture, then pick a different brand for it may already be aged close to or past its effective date.

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